Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The first day I met the Nerd.

Okay technically it's not my first time. James has dropped by Digital Press store back in '08 and '09 and I was there for both counts. Sadly, my conversation with him were like a shy ostrich spooked by its shadow....had my head and rarely got a word out edgewise. V_V

BUT with James' third visit I took a more mellow approach.....til I saw the line.

Not too bad.

Oh its goes around the corner....

and goes on....

and on.... and on...

and on.... and on....and...

F@#K! I knew I shoulda brought my Gameboy!

Oh did I mention that it was freezing cold with even more freezing wind chill factor on top of a two-hour wait from the end of the line to the door and only a half-hour's supply of Burger King's choco-flavored water on hand? Luckily, one of James' pals was out in line selling his AVGN title cards to his adoring public and managed to grab a snapshot. See?

Minutes went by without a hitch and that was the best part but it's amazing how much many and how much they were willing to go see the Nerd. His last visit didn't hardly garnered a huge turnout that came this time around. Gamers and their pals alike were shivering, enduring, and patiently stood in the early December winter blitz for a few minutes to exchange words, give gifts, and hang out with the man that literally changed nerd culture in the 21st century. But while waiting in line two things were peculiar (or at least stood out in my mind). One, how many kids (there were a significant portion) were waiting in line. Last I checked, the Angry Nerd was the last person I'd hire for a Saturday morning show and seeing the under 18 crowd plus their parents no less kinda tell me they're not as strict or don't have a clue who the nerd is. I'm voting for the latter. Two, everyone had something for the Nerd to sign. Simon's Quest, Top Gun, Power Glove, DVDs, etc. and how.....unoriginal. I mean the guy as my friend Jeff puts it...struck a nerve of gamer culture and blew it up with his unique and well-executed take on cinematography and a tribute to him should be something reflective of that. At least some body brought a bio-chemistry book and asked for a stool sample. As for me, how can a guy who looks at overlooked and unknown classics find common interest with the guy that rips the well-known and overbloated crapfest from our childhood. One word...well, one BIG name: GODZILLA! Digital Press had a copy of the Super CD Turbo game for $80 (and a dam cheap price for those looking a bargain on Ebay). It's the perfect item for James' Godzilla love and mine with forgotten games, or as my buddy Adam Shub would say, "oxymoronic". And if James so happens to do another video on Godzilla, I tell ya I wouldn't mind lending him my copy. (Granted a get a name drop or two. Hehehe.) Here's a few pics of the officially Turbo Godzilla signed both by the Angry Video Game Nerd and Mike Matei:

So after getting inside the warm, cozy, and not-outside-in-the-cold store, the line just flew by and in no time, I met up with Mike Matei. He first signed my Godzilla manual.

Now James was awesome. We talked about the Godzilla game among other things and was kind enough to pose in a few pics with your truly. Now forewarning, this it'll be the first you get see my ACTUAL face. Fare warning alright.


Duel of the Drinks

James was nice enough is play along and a good guy too. All n' all, it was a surreal experience though a short-lived one. I really wanted to sit down and have at it reviewer-to-reviewer. Have a few drinks, tell a few stories, and get to know the guy on a human level. Well, there's always MAGfest. ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

200 Subscriber Special - Classics Unleashed

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for all the fans who've watched and supported my videos. So today you get a nice gift from me.


Remember deadline is December 2, 2010 @ midnight.

200 Subscriber Special

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cabal (NES) - Classics Unleashed

What makes a game great? Some say graphics. Some say music. But Cabal's shows gameplay is king!

Cabal Review


(Cabal is the property of TAD and Rare.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

And the winner is.....

Oh the suspense is killing me! XD

The winner!

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Power of the Souls of my Feet!

My new slippers came in!

...and they're very cushy. It's like I'm walking on clouds (with eyes) and floors don't creaked as much when I'm barefoot or have socks. Hell, I think I can some Power Jumps! Jump! Jump! Jump! *bulb crackes*

Who turned out the lights?

Anyway, remember guys. Saturday's the last day to vote your picks for the 100 Subscriber Special where the fans get to pick the next game I'll reviews. So, get those fingers typing!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

100 Subsciber Special - Classics Unleashed

Hey guys! Thank you for 100 subscriptions and more. So, I have a special gift for you guys.

Classics Unleashed Special

Remember the deadline: July 24, 2010 @ Midnight. (Next week before July 25).

So post those games, ASAP.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Classics Unleashed - Power Blade (NES)

I know I promised this two weeks but making these reviews isn't a walk in a park, especially for me. Power Blade is the second part of my NES marathon of awesomeness and will try to make the next two a bit short for time's sake.

Power Blade Review